Localising your website is about more than just changing the language. Some of the challenges that our clients faced on their international sites prior to working with us included:

  • Product descriptions being incorrect or out of context
  • Delivery addresses not being accepted
  • Payment systems not allowing transactions
  • Terminology or functionality that was inappropriate for the market
  • Poor performance in remote locations

Our Localisation Testing is delivered on-location, by local testers, defined by your target areas of focus and this is always the best way to guarantee that your website or app works for the people who use them.

We encompass the full end-to-end, from initial user experience and functionality to performance and live purchasing, through to even receiving and returning deliveries.


localisation 01


If you require Localisation Testing across one or multiple global sites, BugFinders would discuss with you what you are looking to achieve. We can then identify the make-up of the test and we would invite the correct testers from our community in over 145 countries to meet the projects needs.

localisation 02


BugFinders launch the project and once issues have been raised, each bug is verified to ensure it is valid. You are given access to the BugFinders’ client portal where you can see the live validated bugs being fed through. This allows you to receive issues in real-time, enabling your developers to fix the issues in order of priority.

localisation 03


At the end of the fully managed project, you will receive a comprehensive test report* that your Test Project Manager will guide you through. They will also be on hand throughout the test cycles and after the test period to support you.

*All of our certified Crowdtesters are quality graded based on their accuracy and well written reporting of bugs.


You may be surprised how cost effective BugFinders is. Our services are based on the Crowdsourced model, so you can benefit from many internal cost savings by partnering with BugFinders.