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Usability testing

Usability Testing

Understanding your users to unlock killer conversion rates.

When your users open your website, you want them to do something.

Whether you want them to make a purchase, fill in a form or share your wares on social media, it’s important to make the journey from first click to conversion as smooth as possible.


Because brand loyalty is changing. Your users now favour a smooth and convenient service over a trusted brand.

So, if your website or app is difficult to use, your users will leave. If your purchase process is complicated and slow, your users will leave. If your homepage doesn’t clearly state what you do and what your users can do on your site, your users will leave.

Did you notice a pattern there?

If your users get a poor user experience then they will leave and go to another site. Your competitive advantage and conversion rates will both plummet.

Is your web platform usable?

At BugFinders, we leverage the power of the crowd to give you a fast and comprehensive usability testing service to identify any usability issues with your website or app before it goes public.

There’s only one way you can find out. Usability testing puts your platform through its paces with real users.

It’s a daunting process and one that can be overly complicated and costly if you don’t know what you’re testing for or what you’re trying to discover.

At BugFinders, we understand that every user is different. Each user is real and has different objectives, abilities, and devices when they come to your website or app. That’s why we use real users instead of testers.

It’s not enough to only test using internal teams.

So, we source our users from the real world. We have access to people of every demographic imaginable. We ask them to complete specific tasks to see where they encounter problems and experience confusion.

That’s not all.

We will work with you to identify your target demographics and carefully select genuine users from the real world that match your customer base, as they will behave as a real user would be typically expected to.

The Great Eastern Energy website has seen a 15.5% decrease in bounce rate due to recommendations implemented after our Usability Testing.


It’s not just your users that are different. Your goals and requirements for your site are unique to you.

We get it.

So, we determine the best set of usability tests so you can achieve your goals.

When we have the right team of real users in place and the right usability tests, we set our real users to work on your site immediately.

Each user will go to your website or app with a clear brief. Remember, you want them to do something.

We will give you videos of genuine users navigating your site while answering questions and providing feedback. Our users can also give further feedback on your web platform through our secure online platform.

The result? You can make meaningful evidence-based changes to your online customer journey.

Your users won’t just want to stay on your site.

They’ll love using your site.

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