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Localisation testing

Localisation Testing

Don’t let your website get lost in translation.

Your global reach is important. We get it. You want your website or app to reach as many people as possible around the world.

After all, the online world has no boundaries – so why should your web platform be confined to one country?

Think for a moment about what that means.

It means your website or app must work in multiple languages, including any special characters.

It means you need to adapt the phrases used on your site to match the cultural subtleties of another country.

You have to use the right payment system for each location and make sure your site can accept multiple delivery address formats – or your transactions won’t go through.

You have to take into account the performance issues associated with remote locations or foreign networks.

You have to make sure everything works from a linguistic, technical and visual standpoint from every location.

Simply put, your web platform needs in-depth local knowledge to go global.

Localisation is complicated

It’s not a case of translating your site and hoping everything “just works”.

You need to engage with users around the world to make sure your website or app makes sense from a local and global perspective.

At BugFinders, we’re your eyes on the ground. Our crowdsourced community of more than 55,000 testers are scattered over the globe. They’re not just certified and expert testers, they’re real people, in real locations, in the real world.

We can provide you with tailor-made testing of your website and/or apps across 145 countries.


All our testers come from our global network of 55,000 expert crowdsourced testers across 145 countries.

Our robust localisation testing solution provides you with comprehensive coverage. Our testers will not only check the translations used on your site in terms of spelling and grammar, they will also give you feedback on the most effective way to get your message across.

Your site will undergo extensive cosmetic testing. We’ll make sure that any translated text is not truncated and that your site looks consistent in every language to build your brand into a global entity.

We’ll also make sure your website works and your user experience shines by completing functional testing in every language and location that you want a presence in. We’ll perform network tests and make sure your users can seamlessly use your site.

Next, we’ll produce a comprehensive test report. You can see whether or not your translations are accurate, whether your transmission speeds are adequate and if your payment systems are secure.

A little local knowledge can go a long way for your business and your brand on a global scale.

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The key reason we use BugFinders is they are able to deploy large teams of testers in areas like Latin America in a matter of hours. This is invaluable for the quality of our digital experience in various regions across the world.

Discovery, Head of Development
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