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Functional testing

Functional Testing

Your website should just work.
It’s not rocket science.

So, why do you always end up fixing bugs every time you launch online?

Broken links, 404 errors and complaints that “it doesn’t work on my phone” mean your conversion rates plummet, your developers pull out their hair and your customers go elsewhere. This has happened recently to one of the largest UK retailers where they lost £30,000 a week in revenue to insufficient functional testing of their website and app, meaning customers would not stick around to purchase products on these devices.

You’re not alone.

Functional testing across every device, platform and geographic location is just not feasible for most businesses. You do not have the capacity to achieve the necessary level of coverage to thoroughly test your website or app before it goes live.


We can deliver 90 days of testing in just 3 days and cover 500 device and OS combinations.

At BugFinders, we leverage the power of the crowd to give you a fast and comprehensive functional testing service to identify any functionality issues with your website or app before it goes public.

We deploy a large team of testers to scour your site for defects. Hundreds of professional, independent and certified testers will check every piece of functionality on your site across a huge range of devices, platforms, and locations.

The result?

In a couple of days, our team will collectively spend weeks testing your site so you get an on-time and stress-free launch, not to mention a site that just works.


All our testers come from our global network of 55,000 expert crowdsourced testers across 145 countries.

These testers will mercilessly hunt for bugs on your website or app. Your payment funnel is checked. We test your core visitor journeys. All of your links are checked, your forms are tested and session cookies are checked. HTML/CSS validation is also carried out to make sure no nasty HTML syntax errors adversely affect your SEO.

Our testers report their findings through our secure online platform. The bugs are fed back to our UK-based Operations Centre. We retest the bugs and then validate and rank the bugs in order of severity.

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Thanks to BugFinders' validation and ranking of bugs, we were able to maximise conversions.

Richie Jones, Head of eCommerce – Jane Norman

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You will then receive a clear and concise test exit report via our easy-to-use client portal. What’s more, any issues we find are ranked in terms of their importance. So, your developers can simply logon and start tackling the most pressing issues as soon as possible.

We can complete as many testing cycles as you need to get your site up to scratch. We offer regression testing and you can specify which devices, platforms and geographical locations you want your functional tests to target.

We offer a huge quantity of testers to ensure the high quality of your website or app from the moment it launches, on time and in budget.

Simply put, you get the quantity of testers you need to launch a quality site.

Just as important, you get the BugFinders post-test certificate demonstrating the unparalleled coverage your applications have been tested against.

Every time.

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