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Testing Services

Functional testing
Fully-managed functional testing delivering on singular or concurrent projects.

BugFinders’ in-depth, comprehensive, crowdsourced functional software testing service identifies functionality issues within your website or app before they go public.

Leveraging the power of the crowd, our professionally certified, independent testers find faults and issues with your product on a wide range of devices in a multitude of locations. All bugs discovered are fed back to our Operations Centre in the UK, where they are re-tested, validated and ranked in order of urgency and priority for immediate action.

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Usability testing
Optimising customer journeys for increased conversions.

Whether it’s capturing user data, driving downloads, or increasing purchases – the success of your website or app is ultimately determined by the conversions it drives.

The BugFinders crowdsourced usability testing team puts your platform through its paces to expose where it’s failing to convert. We work with you to identify your target demographics, hand-selecting matching members from our software testing and user community to imitate your customer base.

This team will set to work immediately, to unearth your UX bugs, following which we will produce a detailed report, highlighting the key challenges uncovered together with how they can be addressed.

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Security testing
Ensuring your service is compliant and your customers’ data secure.

Ensuring all customer information is kept secure is both a priority and a challenge for all companies operating in the digital space.

Keeping yourself and your customers protected requires a set of robust and resilient mechanisms on your app or website that meet stringent compliance regulations and stand up to new threats as they emerge.

The BugFinders Managed Security Operations Centre consists of top application security talent. Our team of security experts perform functional software testing on your website and apps to identify security vulnerabilities in a wide range of real-world environments.

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Localisation testing
Exposing software issues across international localities.

Internationalisation has torn down barriers to foreign markets. But there are challenges to adapting your website and apps to native standards. These include:

  • Accuracy of translation
  • Loading errors due to orthography, formatting, special characters, etc.
  • Performance issues in remote locations
  • Terminology and/or functionality out of context on foreign markets
  • Payment systems not allowing transactions
  • Delivery addresses not being accepted

The BugFinders localisation testing solution provides tailor-made testing of your website and/or apps across 145 countries around the globe.

From our community of more than 55,000 internationally dispersed crowdsourced software testing professionals, we hand-select an expert team to ensure the localised functionality of your digital assets in real-world conditions. We will then produce a comprehensive test report, in which we identify whether or not your translations are accurate, loads are efficient, transmission speeds are adequate and payment systems are secure.

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Accessibility testing
Making your content more accessible to people with disabilities.

An estimated 7-21% of adults identify themselves as requiring additional accessibility features from websites and mobile applications.

The BugFinders accessibility testing service ensures that your website or app is meeting the WCAG 2.0 guidelines and ready for users with disabilities.

From our crowdsourced testing community, we select accessibility-trained testers to identify content accessibility issues and feed them back to our Operations Centre for ranking. As the bugs are re-tested and validated, you are given access to the BugFinders client portal, allowing your developers to view issues in order of priority and address them accordingly.

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Automation Testing
Increasing efficiency by automating repetitive manual tasks.

As part of a comprehensive web and mobile application testing strategy, test automation will enhance the efficiency of manual software testing to provide greater coverage whilst reducing the time of test cycles, allowing you to launch quicker and update more frequently.

BugFinders’ automation testing tools will run repeated tests on your digital assets, cutting down on the man-hours needed for repetitive exploratory testing, and will compare results against those of earlier test runs.

Our automation team will be responsible for setting up the test automation solution in your environment, and will then guide and train your in-house team to maintain it going forward.

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Multi-level software testing
Usability. Functionality. Localisation. Security. Accessibility. Automation.

BugFinders provide access to a globally deployed team of crowdsourced application testing professionals, delivering the equivalent of 90 man-days of testing in a maximum of 72 hours, on hundreds of devices in hundreds of countries.

For online brands to ensure brand integrity, compliance and customer satisfaction, every page on every platform must load correctly, no links can be broken and payment options must be fully-functional, accurate and secure.

The BugFinders solution is designed to highlight all issues that may affect user experience, conversion rates and security.

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