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Real User Feedback

Real User Feedback

Websites and apps with bad customer experiences aren’t just frustrating for your users but they could be costing you millions in revenue each year.

Building an application without thoroughly considering the user could mean that your application might not be suitable for your users. Which means you are more than likely losing customers and revenue due to some users not completing a purchase on your site or app. This can be for a wide range of reasons and we can identify them for you.

At a glance

With BugFinders’ Real User Feedback solution you get feedback from real users within your target demographic

This is presented as actionable insights from BugFinders’ Usability Experts, helping you improve engagement and increase revenue.

How it works

Together we identify which demographics of our user community that you wish to use based on the persona of your target users. Our usability team review your site and identify all the bugs and conversion killers that are causing low engagement and retention.

We verify all off the results from the study and prioritise them. Each project comes with narrated video recordings detailing the user journeys. You can then use these insights to improve customer experience and increase revenue.
In a typical Real User Feedback study results are turned around in just 8 – 10 days.


Peace of Mind

How BugFinders’ Real User Feedback solution helps digital leaders
  • Reduce risk by verifying new product features before launch
  • Real target users mean you get genuine and relevant feedback
  • Videos and questionnaires are used to get the best user feedback
  • Helps to improve customer engagement, retention and conversions
  • Usability tests are performed on a large number of devices, OS’s and platforms
  • A fraction of the cost of traditional Market Research and Usability solutions
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