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Many digital agencies, consultancies and system integrators are reaping the rewards today through their partnership with BugFinders.

Utilising the scale and coverage of the BugFinders global professional testing community, partners are delivering higher quality digital experiences that drive an increase in conversion revenue, delight their customers and protect their online brand reputation.

At a glance

QA can be a bottleneck in development projects, typically squeezed in at the very end of the project

Likewise a challenge for developers is ensuring that their website and apps work across all major devices, operating systems and browsers.

One solution is to hire an army of in house testers but this can prove not only to be expensive, but impractical.

With the on demand scale of the BugFinders’ community of 55,000 professional testers, developers can have access to a huge amount of testing delivered in a short space of timeā€¦.typically 24+ days’ worth in 24 hours, They can also be assured that their web or app has been tested on the devices and software their customers use.

Flexibility to meet your needs

BugFinders can support partners with a number of different testing services

From functional, to usability, security, accessibility and performance.

A UK based testing manager at BugFinders will guide partners through the process of setting up their test, scoping the project and then presenting the results at the end of the test.

All issues identified by the BugFinders community are verified to make sure the bug is unique and can be reproduced. The quality of reporting is also high, providing partners with step by steps instructions, screenshots and video recordings of the bugs.

With 2-way JIRA integration, partners can see the test results in their own DevOp environment or through the BugFinders Client Portal and Dashboard

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