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GDPR Compliance Testing

GDPR Compliance Testing

With up to 4% of a company’s global annual turnover at risk, the potential fines for a breach of GDPR post May 2018 are by any definition substantial.

But ironically, the single area you are least in control of is hackers, who are continuously trying to breach your security and gain access to personal data.

At a glance

At BugFinders, we provide peace of mind through our GDPR Compliance Testing.

Our community of trusted and highly trained Security Researchers will test your site 24/7, enabling us to notify you in minutes of a personal data breach being identified.

How it works

After an initial scoping consultation with BugFinders’ GDPR Consultant, we launch your GDPR Compliance Test. During this time our Security Researchers are probing your application every day for GDPR vulnerabilities. All reported issues are analysed and verified by BugFinders’ team and reported immediately.


Peace of Mind

How BugFinders’ GDPR Compliance Testing solution helps Security Professionals
  • Helps you uncover possible breaches of personal data over and above pen testing
  • Real time reporting of newly discovered GDPR compliance vulnerabilities
  • Clear reporting of valid personal data issues for your team to action
  • Weaknesses can be fixed before they have been exploited
  • Fixed commercials and clear ROI
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