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Replatforming Testing

Replatforming Testing

Test your way to a successful replatform…

Replatforming brings with it undoubted benefits. You expect to both increase revenues and make operational efficiency savings from the investment. However, it’s also a complicated and high-risk project that can be fraught with problems. Not least the risk of declining business metrics after you push the go live button.

That’s where BugFinders come in.

At a glance

BugFinders’ replatforming solution ensures that before you go live every part of your new application is tested by hundreds of real people on all the devices your visitors use. On a typical replatform test we deliver the equivalent of 100 days of testing in just 3 days!

How it works

Our fully-managed Replatforming Testing solution tests your platform with a team of at least 250 experienced testers working through dozens of structured test cases and then delivering exploratory testing. Once the first cycle has been completed all the issues will be reviewed by our team to ensure they are free of duplicates and have the correct steps to recreate. We can even provide video evidence of the issue.

Once the bugs fixed we will then re-test every issue to ensure it has been fixed and then run a full regression test. After this we can present you with a clean site validation certificate that acts as your independent stand of confirmation on the testing coverage and results delivered.


Peace of mind

How BugFinders’ always on Replatforming Testing solution helps IT leaders
  • Discover critical issues that arise during a replatform
  • Test coverage on all the devices used by your visitors
  • Testing can take place at night or over the weekend and finish in 3 days
  • Easy to use dashboard allows you to quickly feed issues back to development
  • A fraction of the cost of traditional QA methods delivered at blistering pace

If you take quality seriously and want to ensure your application is working as it should be after a replatform, connect with one of our Solutions Consultants and we can explain the simple steps you need to take to ensure your website and apps work on all the devices your visitors use.

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