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Major Release Testing

Major Release Testing

Under pressure to hit launch deadline dates, but running out of time and resource to perform thorough testing before go-live?

There’s just weeks until your new product launch and pressure is starting to mount across the Development Team. When time and resources are running out, don’t panic, there is a quick and stress-free way to ensure complete functionality, across all your required devices…

At a glance

BugFinders’ clean site validation testing solution rapidly highlights any critical issues that could hinder a successful product launch. What’s more, your website and apps are tested on all the devices your visitors use.

How it works

Pre-release, BugFinders’ community of professional testers are set to work on your site and applications, delivering fast-paced, multi-device testing in just 72 hours. Our testers highlight the business-critical issues that cause your platform to crash or prevent key customer journeys from completing.

Post-testing, BugFinders provide you with a detailed project summary and clean site validation certificate.


Peace of Mind

How BugFinders’ clean site validation testing solution helps overstretched IT leaders
  • Clean site validation testing delivered in just 3 days
  • Testing can be delivered at night and over weekends
  • Independent evidence that your site has been rigorously tested
  • Issue list is provided in order or priority
  • Testing coverage on all the devices used by your visitors
  • A fraction of the cost of traditional QA methods

If you take quality seriously and are running out of time for pre-release testing, connect with one of our Solutions Consultants and we can explain the simple steps you need to take to make sure your product launch goes without a hitch.

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