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Conversion Drop Testing

Conversion Drop Testing

Conversions can’t keep increasing forever, but when they fall do you fully understand why?

BugFinders can establish if the quality of your website is impacting revenue performance. If it is we can pinpoint exactly where. Once the issues we identify are fixed our clients usually experience an immediate increase in conversion rates. One recent example is a major High Street department store that experienced a double digit drop in conversions. They tasked BugFinders with identifying the issue. We did so and in just two days once the issues we found were fixed the Department Store received an instant 9% increase in conversions.

That’s where BugFinders comes in. We find conversion impacting problems. Quickly.

At a glance

BugFinders’ conversion drop testing solution examines your application for revenue impacting conversion blockers, across all of the devices, platforms and operating systems that your customers use.

How it works

BugFinders’ community of professional testers are set to work on your site and applications, delivering fast-paced, multi-device testing in just 72 hours. Our testers highlight the business-critical issues that affect your ecommerce revenues.

Post-testing, BugFinders provide you with a detailed project summary, with issues listed in order of severity.


Peace of Mind

How BugFinders’ conversion drop testing solution helps Digital Leaders
  • Convenient on/off testing solution for when you see conversion drops
  • Team of + 300 professional testers in combination with UX experts
  • Test coverage on all the devices and browsers used by your visitors
  • Testing can take place at night or over the weekend and will finish in just 3 days
  • Easy to use dashboard allows you to quickly feed issues back to development

If you want to find the cause for a steep drop in conversions, connect with one of our Solutions Consultants and we can explain the simple steps you need to take to increase ecommerce revenue.

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