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Always On Testing

Always On Testing

A month never goes by without one of the major smartphone or tablet providers releasing a new model. Over 150 new devices were released this year alone.

In addition iOS, Android or Windows are pushing new operating system releases. All the while, you’ll be changing content, images, pricing and be reliant on 3rd party data feeds to deliver your digital experience. These constant changes lead to new bugs arising every day. So how do you ensure that your website or app is always working, on all the devices your visitors use?

At a glance

BugFinders’ always on testing solution ensures your company’s websites and apps work successfully on all the leading browsers, mobile devices and operating systems used by your visitors – all the time. We find the issues before your visitors do.

How it works

With BugFinders always on testing solution have our community of professional testers continuously (24/7/365) scour your websites and applications to unearth any critical issues that have arisen between major releases.
Whenever a critical bug is highlighted, you are notified immediately, so you can fix the issue before it impacts your revenues or conversions.


Rapid Pre-Release QA

How BugFinders’ always on testing solution helps IT leaders
  • Discover critical issues that arise between pre-release testing
  • Immediate notification of P1 / critical issues
  • Testing coverage on all the devices used by your visitors
  • Easy to use dashboard allows you to quickly feed issues back to development
  • Upload key scenarios that you would like checked post release

If you take quality seriously and want to ensure your platform is always working as it should be, connect with one of our Solutions Consultants and we can explain the simple steps you need to take to ensure you catch critical issues as soon as they arise.

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