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Agile Testing

Agile Testing

Ever find yourself pushing a release that hasn’t been tested thoroughly? Increase your development period by reducing your testing window and put an end to “Push & Pray”.

In an agile environment testing occurs throughout the sprint. Great for the quality for your software, but this does not remove the need to perform a regression test before updating the live servers. There is an easier (and rapid) way to perform this final test before go-live…

At a glance

BugFinders’ agile testing solution drastically reduces the testing bottleneck, speeding up your release process, all whilst ensuring 100% code coverage and device coverage.

How it works

The solution offers fast and comprehensive testing in every sprint. Where a traditional test team can take weeks to perform this level of testing, BugFinders’ large tester community is able to test a web application across hundreds of device, operating systems and browser combinations. And all this can be executed overnight or in just 24 hours.

Speed aside, we also have a strict ‘No Noise’ policy, meaning all issues raised by our testers are de-duplicated and verified by our reviewers and most importantly, they’re prioritised in order of severity.


Agile Release Signoff

How BugFinders’ agile testing solution helps agile teams
  • Reduces regression test time from days to hours
  • Issues can be exported to Jira and other bug tracking tools
  • Issue list is provided in order or priority
  • 100% code coverage
  • 100% device coverage
  • A fraction of the cost of traditional QA methods

If you take quality seriously and are looking to release your products faster, connect with one of our Solutions Consultants and we can explain the simple steps you need to take to perform a more streamlined and express delivery.

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