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Be Certain: Pre-Release Test
Running out of time for pre-release testing?

There’s just three weeks until the new platform launch and pressure is starting to mount across the Development Team. IT leadership is conscious that time and resources are running out to make sure the launch goes without a hitch and that there are no serious issues on the platform to worry about. Unfortunately, it's virtually impossible to deliver this sort of functional software testing in-house on a tight deadline.

Recognising this, BugFinders have created a crowdsourced, pre-release, clean-site validation solution that allows our crowd to deliver close to 90 days of software testing in just 72 hours. Thousands of qualified testers perform two rounds of comprehensive software testing services that ensure complete functionality across multiple devices. Upon completion, you'll receive a certificate to confirm that the site has been tested and is working perfectly, leaving you to enjoy a successful launch.

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Be Certain: Always On
Need regular software testing services from the crowd?

Barely a month goes by these days without one of the major smartphone or tablet providers releasing a new model – and in the alternate months either IOS, Android or Windows will make new operating system releases. Given that there are now more than 20,000 different mobile devices in the world, how can IT leaders possibly keep up with this constant pace of change?

The answer is BugFinders’ Always On software testing programme which consists of both a full, monthly ‘heartbeat’ test as well as making the platform permanently available to the crowd in between tests so they can make sure everything’s functioning as intended. Any serious issues spotted during the month are instantly communicated to the IT team to minimise any lost revenue.

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Be Certain: Re-Platforming
Launching on a new platform?

There’s little doubt we’re in the middle of a truly significant digital transformation era as leading organisations across the world look to sanitise their customer-facing technology platforms. All this re-platforming means functional software testing teams are coming under more and more pressure to ensure the relaunch goes perfectly – and these are teams already stretched to the limit.

BugFinders have therefore created Be Certain: Re-platforming — a bundle of software testing services covering everything from basic exploratory tests, through to scenario and detailed script testing. It ensures every element of the new world works exactly as it should. We can even include comprehensive Usability testing to find out how real customer demographics feel about the new platform.

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Solution features and how you benefit
  • 12 x monthly full exploratory tests per year
  • Critical issues reported in order of priority
  • A crowd of 55,000+ instantly-deployable, fully-verified software testers to support your in-house QA team
  • All discovered issues are verified, de-duped and replayed by BugFinders’ Delivery Team
  • Website/Application Launch Validation Certificate provided for IT Leaders’ peace of mind
  • Immediate access to hundreds of device / platform / location / operating system combinations via the BugFinders’ crowd
  • BugFinders’ Live Project Portal – communications between your internal team and the BugFinders crowdsourced teams made simple
  • Additional software testing is easily-organised, instantly deployable and delivered in just 3 days
Professional Testers
  • Continuous functional testing throughout the year to ensure your platforms remain functional during key infrastructure changes, new device releases and OS updates across multiple devices
  • Prioritising critical release issues enables development teams to identify and fix the most important issues quickly
  • 55,000 testers providing peace of mind that testing is conducted comprehensively, and the most critical issues are being discovered
  • BugFinders’ Managed Service Team re-test every bug submitted by the crowd, ensuring that your reports are as comprehensive and actionable as possible, with no duplicates or inaccuracies displayed
  • Validation Reports provide proof that your web and mobile applications have been thoroughly tested across a wide-range of scenarios and environments
  • Absolute assurance that your applications work on every possible device in every location you require
  • BugFinders’ easy-to-use customer portal allows for instant communication between internal and external teams
  • 90 days of testing delivered in just 72 hours
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At a Glance
Be Certain is the unique, on-demand software testing services for overstretched CTOs and IT leaders who are constantly under pressure to hit deadline launch dates.

Highly developed web and mobile applications require a comprehensive software testing services – a solution that defies the inherent barriers of time and resource restraints that prevail in-house.

Be Certain is a testing resource that breaks down these barriers by unlocking the power of the crowd whenever you need it most. The solution allows the 55,000-strong BugFinders crowd testing community – spread across 145 countries – to become an instantly-deployable member of the in-house development team, set to work rigorously testing your software in real-world scenarios all over the globe.

The BugFinders Crowd delivers fast-paced, multi-device and multi-location testing in support of in-house QA teams just when it is needed most. Available 24/7/365, our crowdsourced testing community work ahead of every major release to uncover the critical performance issues that could hinder a successful launch.

In under 72-hours, 90 man-days of critical functional software testing are delivered, complete with comprehensive reporting on the top 10-20 bugs and snags that could cause your application to crash in the real-world, or prevent significant customer journeys from being completed.

BugFinders provide the peace of mind you need through the knowledge that your software has been extensively tested across all major devices, on all major technology platforms. Let the crowd do the heavy lifting that you don’t have the time to do – and, before you release, Be Certain.