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I’ve Tried Everything Else to Increase My Conversion Rates

A/B testing. Search engine optimisation. Personalisation. Marketing automation. Businesses spend huge sums of money trying everything to increase conversion rates. However, what they overlook far too often, is the simplest, yet most reliable technique of them all – real-world user testing. The only way to find out for sure exactly where the sticking points are on your websites and applications is to put them through their paces across multiple devices running multiple operating systems in multiple locations. The BugFinders crowd testing community (spread across 145 countries) does exactly that – and it works. Users of the BugFinders Be Better solution have experienced instant conversion rate increases of over 20% across their apps and websites.

Don't Get Left Behind
Keeping Pace with Customer Change

Each year, dozens of new devices and operating systems enter the market. In addition, new social media platforms emerge, many of which will need to be integrated with your app or website. And with the continued rise of connected devices and the IoT complicating matters even further, rigorous software testing must be almost continuously carried out to ensure that your digital assets are functioning seamlessly across the new platforms and devices that your customers are using. The Be Better solution delivers comprehensive monthly crowdsourced testing, making sure that your platforms are performing as they should and keeping pace with all market advancements.

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Solution features and how you benefit
  • Monthly tests and an always-on conversion optimisation dashboard
  • Access to a crowd of 55,000 verified software testing experts and users
  • Identifying and reporting on your top conversion issues in priority order
  • Unrivalled device coverage
  • Monthly validation report and certification
  • 90 man-days of functional software testing delivered in just 72 hours
Professional Testers
  • Regular checks to ensure conversion blockers are not costing you revenue
  • The sheer scale of the BugFinders crowd gives you peace of mind that we are uncovering the most critical conversion issues that are impacting your brand and online revenues
  • Concise reporting ensures that the relevant resource from the development team can be quickly identified to fix each issue
  • Coverage across the hundreds of devices and browsers your customers use
  • Validation Reports provide proof that your web and mobile applications have been thoroughly tested for conversion rate optimisation and quality
  • Additional testing available for instant deployment should your conversion rates suddenly drop and you need to discover why as quickly as possible
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At a Glance
Be Better is the critical, crowdsourced software testing solution for companies looking to deliver better customer experiences across their apps and websites, increase conversions and build a stronger loyalty-base.

With competition increasingly mounting across every industry sector, companies that deliver the best customer experiences are the ones that stand out and  enjoy stronger financial performances as a direct result.

A mere 0.1% increase in conversion rates can result in millions of pounds of additional revenue for a company – funds that can subsequently be reinvested in attracting even more people to the site.

Be Better is the quickest and simplest solution for brands to improve the conversion-performance of their apps and websites. Using the power of the BugFinders’ crowd, we help you increase customer satisfaction levels, improve brand loyalty and ensure that there are no sticking points across websites, apps and other digital properties that are upsetting the customer experience and negatively affecting those all-important conversion rates.

The solution allows BugFinders’ 55,000 functional software testing experts to thoroughly test an application or website across multiple devices, in real-world scenarios, highlighting all UX and conversion issues that are affecting your bottom line.

In just 72 hours, the BugFinders crowd delivers the equivalent of 90 man-days of business-critical software testing, with full bug reports delivered back to your development team in a prioritised order of criticality, so you know exactly what you’ve got to do to optimise the performance of your most vital online revenue channels.

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